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30 years of woodworking experience...

SIGMA WOOD was founded in 1988 by Spyros A. Kontos and has been growing in the woodworking industry up to this day. Our experience, know-how, cutting-edge mechanical equipment and specialized technicians guarantee high-quality constructions of all kinds.

Studies and designs are carried out in collaboration with project architects and engineers, in order to ensure perfect fit of concepts and construction works to the customer’s requests. Construction is performed using the best raw materials available both in the Greek and European market, in cooperation with major furniture makers in Greece and Europe. Furniture is consistently and carefully delivered and installed by adequately trained staff, at the customer's premises.

Driven by knowledge, passion and care for our work, we diligently work on every project we undertake, irrespective to its scale and value.

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In the course of our 30 years of experience in SIGMA WOOD, we have successfully taken part in numerous projects with construction companies, hotels, hospitals, museums, sports centers, airports, libraries, schools, factories, industrial or business venues and shops, as well as with private residential projects.

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16 Archimidous Str., Koropi, 19400, Greece
+30 210 60 21 252 - 6941 586 666, 6975 940 719

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